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Agroha Republic was established around 51 years before the war of Mahabarat.According to writers of "Bhavishya Puran; Ke Agravansh" "Vanishanukirtnam" and "Uru Charitam" Maharaja Agrasen ruled some 5000 years back over Agroha  around the time of Mahabharat.

This belief is testified by the mention of the republican state of Agrayan in a couplet shloka of the great epic Mahabharata. 

"Bad`ana, raoihtkaMScaOva Aaga`oyaanamaalavaanaaip   
gaNaana savaaRna ivainaijatyanaIitkRt p`hsainnava" 

mahaBaart vana Pava- -255:20 

Agroha was a  Republican State consisting of 18 state units. The residents of this states were known as Yodhya and Agraya .Some of the writings on the coins that have been excavated from the site of ancient Agroha read as 'Yodhyanam Bahu Dhanya Kanam','Yodhya Ganasya Jaya',  'Yodhyanam Jaimantra Shalinam'. 

The Agroha republic was renowned for its bravery and prosperity. However over the time it could not stand the foreign invasions of Hunas, Greeks and Yavanas, who invaded the north India disintegrating various kingdoms in Punjab. The disintegrated Agroha led to the migration of the residents of Agroha to other parts of the country viz Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Malwa, however they derieved a common name Aggarwals ie. AGROHA-WALE. 

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